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Vestards Simkus

This unusually spatial sound is something truly unique. Even though I have heard all sorts of surprising soundscapes in concert halls and studios around the world, I had not experienced anything like this before. When listening to symphonic music that I had heard hundreds of times before, suddenly I heard it all afresh, thanks to such a level of sound quality that almost makes you “see” where and how close the orchestra musicians are sitting – and they seemed to be sitting rather comfortably in the small room where I was listening to these recordings. The sound is not only crystal clear and rich in nuances, but also powerful and broad without ever becoming too piercing or pushing. By contrast, listening to popular music removes any sense of artificial sound reinforcement so characteristic of the genre, and leaves an illusion that the singers and band are performing right here beside me and for me only. This sound quality evokes totally new sensations that I would sincerely recommend to every music lover.

Toms Grevins

The main motif of the “Sound of Eden” composition of sounds is to teleport the listener to the moment when the music recording came into being – not just the time, but also the space. If the sound engineer has been working at his finest, it will allow the portal to be used, to fall into the “white rabbit’s” hole, call it what you will… These sounds will not be suitable at all for “something to just be playing in the background” or “to not disturb conversation”. No, quite the contrary – both “Tempo” as well as “Crescendo” make music the main subject or theme of any room.
A particular reverence for classical music and classic rock can be discerned in the composition author’s style. This is why the dynamics of the electronic music surprised me in particular, and above everything else – “Crescendo” in the works of the intellectual electronic musicians, opens up completely new dimensions, which the authors have hidden away for only the chosen ones. Impressive.

Creative Director / DJ
Kaspars Roga

We have many great examples of Latvian brands achieving success outside Latvia. As a Hi-End sound system, especially given the quality-price ratio, Sound of Eden definitely has this potential too!

Normunds Sne

Listening to the Sound of Eden acoustic system, auditory nerves start tingling with pleasure in the first seconds. The sound fills up the space between the speakers, the contours of the instruments seem within reach and touch. The quality of the produced sound is unsurpassed, without losing humane warmth. It is an example when technology serves music.
If you want to be in the centre of a sound field with the precision of a studio monitor, then Sound of Eden is a perfect choice.
I admire the work of the Latvian engineer Edijs Apenītis!

Record producer and engineer, artistic director of Sinfonietta Rīga
Gatis Zakis

As a music producer and sound engineer, I have very high expectations of any device that plays music. The sound of these speakers fills the entire room with the first notes, allowing my favourite music to enwrap me! The Sound of Eden speakers produce the sound so musical that the analytical mind gives centre stage to a true music connoisseur. Awesome!

Sound director, music producer, group "Instrumenti" member
Normunds Rutulis

Although I work in music production and consider myself a melomaniac, when listening to music daily, I do not pay enough attention to the sound system, which is playing the music for me. Much like with wine, which I judge by two criteria – good flavors or not, or even plain “like” or “dislike”. Well, almost. Because the full spectrum of sound is important to me, as it lets me enjoy music in the widest possible range, with all nuances audible. I had never listened to music on a hi-end system, and a few months ago I finally had the chance. The speakers look amazing – fine-designed and clearly thought through down to the finest detail. Besides, they were created and made right here in Latvia. Wow! That is the first thing I uttered when I heard the first sounds from these speakers. Whether it’s rock, pop, jazz or classical music, I enjoy every bar and every note! Time just passed by and I realized that enjoying music through these speakers can actually become addictive. But at least it’s a harmless addiction. If music is a big part of your life, then just like sleeping on a good mattress, you’ll want to enjoy your music on a high-quality sound system. I’m getting there too – one day I will own an audio system with Sound of Eden speakers, whose potential can be fully unleashed with proper room enhancement, which is exactly what the AUDIOMOTIV guys do

Andris Uze

After listening to recordings of a variety of genres on theses speakers, I can only say that the Sound of Eden speakers are a top-notch product with an even frequency range. They resemble studio monitors in some regards, because you can clearly hear the nuances of a sound director’s work on them. In the low-frequencies, the phase curve is unusually linear. The large 3-band speakers deserve particular attention, I was caught by surprise!

Sound engineer
Edmunds V. Zazerskis

Three distinct types of speakers, definite signature sound. And it just blows away! The little enchanting “EVE” series, the massive “ACCUTON” series with studio-monitor-grade detailing and the special VINTAGE series with their genuine sound and punch. In my view, a great trio in perfect harmony.

Sound system engineer at SIA "UBS"
Gundars Kozlovskis

By utilizing their know-how in room acoustics enhancement, carefully selecting each system component and using Latvia-made Sound of Eden acoustic systems, AUDIOMOTIV have managed to achieve reference-level sound in their music room.

Expert at SIA “R&D akustika”