Maximum sound enjoyment!

Full-service support!

New quality of life!


Sound demonstration at home!

To evaluate the quality of our offered audio systems, we offer their demonstration in your home!
You can evaluate and enjoy our audio setup in your space for three days!
To fully appreciate the capabilities of the sound system, we invite you to visit our demo salon!
CONTACT US at +371 266 401 81 or sign up.

Professional advice and consultation

We provide recommendations and consultation on how to create a high-quality home audio and video system that meets each client’s individual requirements, the latest technology, and is user-friendly. We suggest the optimal use of resources to achieve maximum results!

 High-Quality Audio System

We pay close attention to creating a good atmosphere by providing a high-class sound system. Our audio systems are distinguished by their universal sound in any room, the ability to create a sense of presence and emotional enjoyment.

Embrace Technology…

Easily use all popular music services and internet radio through your mobile phone. Connect multiple users. Play different music in several rooms. We use products with low energy consumption and high efficiency!

Installation and maintenance.

Proper placement, connection, and tuning of the equipment undoubtedly increase the quality of its sound and longevity. We install, tune, and train you to use your audio and video system simply and correctly!

Room acoustic treatment.

One of the most important conditions for creating a great atmosphere is a properly treated room! It should not be too reverberant or too dead. We offer individual solutions for any situation, using acoustic plaster, acoustic curtains, special panels, wooden walls, and more. Before improving the acoustics of the room, we conduct acoustic measurements to identify problems!

Loudspeakers “Sound of Eden”

High-end speakers that convincingly compete with world-renowned brands! Created and manufactured in Latvia! Their price and quality ratio is unique! We are representatives of the Latvian speaker manufacturer “Sound of Eden”.


We are independent experts. We collaborate with all the major brands represented in Latvia and Europe.
Audiolab, NAD, Primare, Bluesound, Cambridge Audio, Holo Audio, Musical Fidelity, McIntosh, Audio Note, Thorens, Matrix Audio, Pro-ject, and many others.