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A master class of sound experience!

Audiomotiv with its 20 years of experience is your guide to the fantastic world of sound! Audio enthusiasts spend many years and huge sums of money to achieve the sound level we are offering you for a start!

The success of the great sounding of our audio systems is rooted in our never-ending desire to achieve the perfect sound. There are no trivial things or details in the sound, therefore it is very important to have a complete set of a correctly and masterfully assembled system. Sales of separate components will never yield the best of results.

In this saturated and sometimes even tangled market of audio systems, you need the assistance of professionals to get what you want without wasting your time and money on unnecessary experiments. On the basis of scrupulous tests of comparison, we have selected high-end equipment that provides the best sound, meets the highest technical standards and is easy to use.

Speakers are the main components of sound. We are really pleased to represent Sound of Eden, the Latvian manufacturer of speakers, and we are its official distributor in the world. Edijs Apenītis, its founder and engineer, has created a product line that, with its sounding and unsurpassable quality-price ratio, definitely ranks among the world’s best brands.

We love music and sound, and we want you to discover this fascinating world, too!

Andis Ožets
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