Our experience of more than 20 years shows that only a complete stereo system is able to fully realise the entire potential of sound! Audio enthusiasts spend many years and large sums of money to achieve the level of sound that we are offering for a start!

There are no trivial things or details in the sound, therefore it is very important to have a complete set of a correctly and masterfully assembled system. In this saturated and sometimes even tangled market of audio systems, you need the assistance of professionals to get what you want without wasting your time and money on unnecessary experiments. On the basis of scrupulous tests of comparison, we have selected high-end equipment that provides the best sound, meets the highest technical standards and is easy to use.

We have found the synergy of components, which makes you fully enjoy a new world of music and sound! Nuances play a very important role in achieving the good sound, and it is very hard to find the right compromise in this budget price group. However, we have succeeded in this. We can say with assurance that in its sounding, functionality and price it is a worthy competitor even to products that cost double the price.

You will be able to connect your TV, easily use Spotify, Tidal, internet radio and enjoy all Bluetooh options.

The recommended room area is 10-35 square meters.

The set includes speakers, amplifier, streamer, DAC and all switching cables.


The price includes delivery and installation.