When the three classmates reunited in 2009, they decided to create their own brand “Matrix Audio” and make their own audio products. After several years of trial and exploration, they established Matrix Electronic Technology Co., LTD in Xi’an at 2013, and registered “Matrix Audio” trademark. The name of the brand is derived from the mathematical concept “matrix”. Matrix is built by portrait and landscape, we call the brand “matrix” because we are looking for the balance between the 2 dimensions. We examine audio products through listen and see, also incorporate this concept into our design. All of our products should not only have excellent sound performance, but also have a great design that can be integrated into home environment. Harmony is our goal. Now Matrix team has become a professional company composed by a group of music loving electronic engineers, which designs, manufactures and sells high performance audio devices. Matrix products now popular in many countries and regions in the world, and has been recognized by many music enthusiasts and gained a good brand reputation.