The T+A R 1000 E Multi-Source Receiver is an all-purpose device contains the genes of the superlative PA 1000 E and MP 1000 E separate devices. It is equipped with the very latest technologies and components, and certainly ranks as one of the most modern and innovative receivers available anywhere in the world. It combines classic analogue technology for the amplifier section with the latest digital circuit design for the internal sources. It also features a large number of extremely high-quality inputs for external analogue and digital sources, making it the perfect universal nerve center of a really modern, high-quality stereo system. It can cope with almost anything: you can connect a turntable (optional phono modules are available) or improve the sound of your television; connect a set-top box using an optical lead, or even stream music from a PC – there are no limits. What’s more, the R 1000 E caters for all formats, since its high-quality converter processes the audiophile DSD format as well as PCM files to very high standard.
The outstanding feature of this superb device is that we have equipped it with every available modern source: a high-quality CD mechanism, an aptX® Bluetooth module, a high-performance digital tuner, the Digital Connecting Board for external sources and our new High Res Streaming Client Board. This simply means that the T+A R 1000 E can access everything which delivers music: CD, FM, FM-HD and DAB+ radio; Internet radio with Airable Internet Radio Service; UPnP network music servers; USB memory media; laptops and PCs, music services and mobile devices with Bluetooth!

The T+A R 1000 E was developed as a combination of the essential elements of two separate High-End units: the PA 1000 E and the MP 1000 E. Since the case is no larger, it inevitably has a slightly reduced array of sockets than the two separate units, and its output power is also a little lower. At present the T+A R 1000 E is certainly the most powerful, best equipped and most modern receiver in its price class available anywhere in the world!
The T+A development team designed an entirely new, superb-sounding pre-amplifier for the R 1000 E. It has many smart functions including balance, tone controls, variable Loudness, „Flat“ function and sub-sonic filter for use with satellite speakers and sub-woofers.
The outstanding 32-bit double-mono differential converter, the CD mechanism (without pushrods), the motherboard with Bluetooth module, the digital tuner and a new Streaming Client originate from the MP 1000 E. The R 1000 E also shares the same Digital Connecting Board for connecting external sources.
The T+A R 1000 E is also fitted with three high-quality analogue inputs (one of them upgradable as a phono input), a pre-amplifier output for connecting active loudspeakers or additional power amplifiers, two sub-woofer outputs and a Line output, which can be used for applications such as a radio transfer module.
The output stages have been adopted from the PA 1000 E, with the same overall circuit design, albeit with slightly reduced power. The mains power supply and ancillary circuits are of the same design as those of the PA 1000 E.
The optional high-quality phono modules for MM or MC pick-up systems are those of the PA 1000 E, and can be retro-fitted at any time.

Technical Specification

Nominal output power per channel 4 Ohms / 8 Ohms: 2 x 180 Watts / 2 x 115 Watts
Peak output power per channel 4 Ohm / 8 Ohm: 2 x 300 Watts / 2 x 180 Watts
Frequency response: -3dB 1 Hz – 60 kHz
Total harmonic distortion: < 0,004 %
Intermodulation: < 0,004 % Frequency response: 1 Hz – 250 kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0,0022 % Signal / noise ratio: 106 dBA Channel separation: > 90 dB

Analogue 3 x unbalanced (RCA): PRE-, LINE-, SUB OUT 2,5 Veff / 50 Ohms;
Headphones: 6.3 mm plug > 32 Ohms
Digital 1 x coax: IEC 60958 (CDDA/LPCM)

Analogue 3 x unbalanced (RCA): 250 mVeff … 3 Veff / 20 kOhm, optional Phonomodule as PA 1000 E

Accessories: IR-Remote control FM1000; WLAN Modul; Bluetooth aerial; power cord
Remote control: FM1000 or optional bi-directional radio remote FD100 with Gateway
Mains: 220-230 V or 110-115 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption max.: 300 Watts
Power consumption idle: 22 Watts
ECO-standby: 0,3 Watt
Auto power off function: yes (after 90 minutes without audio signal)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 11,5 x 44 x 37 in cm
Weight: 13 kg
Silver case + black side panels. Silver case + silver side panels.
Black case + black side panels. Black case + silver side panels.